The Story of My Inspiration

I was born a twin and when my parents moved us from London to the suburbs in the 1970s it was my Mother's wish to learn to ride and this exposed my sister and I to the opportunity.

My Mother's horse that we took our first lessons on was re-stabled at a yard that housed a little Welsh Mountain Pony. He was barely backed when I was offered the opportunity to exercise him. The lady and gentleman he belonged to had brought him for competitive driving, but he needed more exercising than driving alone could offer.

We learnt a lot together over the next 8 years and were just pipped at the post in the last year for a place in the finals for the Prince Philip Mounted Games at Wembley.

The Lady and Gentleman that kindly gave me this opportunity attended my wedding some 16 years later and presented me with a dressed horseshoe as a gift.

It was then that I learnt the value of such a special gift, made all the more special by the fact that this shoe had belonged to my little friend.

As a mark of respect to my little friend and indeed to the Lady and Gentleman who took care of me and the animals with so much love, I donate £5.00 per order to one of my chosen charities :

Mare and Foal Sanctuary

Charity Work